2022 Economic Outlook

Missouri is in an optimistic position to continue pandemic recovery and grow jobs in 2022, according to economist Ted Abernathy.

Abernathy, managing partner at Economic Leadership LLC, conducts the research and reports for the Missouri Chamber’s Missouri 2030: An Agenda to Lead.

A strong sign of Missouri’s recovery is that our state has regained 82% of jobs that were lost at the unemployment peak of the pandemic back in March and April of 2020, said Abernathy.

“As we go into 2022, we’re all hoping that coronavirus variants don’t continue to give us this rippling [economic recovery] effect as we move forward, but Missouri seems to be positioned pretty well,” Abernathy said.

Watch the full video to see how Missouri measures up in recovery efforts and where we’re headed next.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Chamber has an aggressive 2022 legislative agenda aimed at supercharging Missouri’s economic recovery, growing jobs, and protecting employers from legislative threats. Read about it here.

Watch 2022 Outlook (6 mins)