MO Dept. of Labor marks May as Youth Employment Safety Month

As the school year winds down, the MO Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations reminds employers and parents that May is Youth Employee Safety Month. Thousands of teens work part-time or summer jobs and Missouri communities greatly benefit by having them in the workforce. Employment teaches young people important skills, including responsibility, timeliness, honesty, teamwork, resourcefulness, communication skills and confidence.

Fast food, grocery stores, general retail, and lawn care are the most popular jobs for teenagers.  Missouri’s law restricts the age, number of hours, and occupations youth can work during the school year and in the summer. Missouri’s Division of Labor Standards works with employers, parents and school officials to help keep young workers safe and healthy while learning these valuable life lessons. As we enter into the summer and businesses hire younger workers, it is important to understand youth employment laws including proper working hours and documentation.

If you plan to hire a worker under the age of 16, make sure to check DOLIR’s Youth Employment webpage below!