Moving Missouri Forward Challenging session yields strong progress — destructive proposals defeated

Missouri is leading the post-pandemic economic recovery. We are overtaking other states in rankings of job creation, per-capita income and GDP. Our state is among the leaders for tech industry growth.

In short, Missouri is making strong progress as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry pursues its Missouri 2030 vision.

Despite these successes, the 2022 Legislative Session was a challenging environment where the Missouri Chamber was often focused on stopping proposals that threatened to derail our progress. But backed by a united business community, the Missouri Chamber used its strength to turn back anti-business efforts while passing key priorities to keep our state moving in the right direction.

Our successes included:

  • Protecting the right to Let Business Decide on vaccine policy
  • Blocking an effort to short-change our transportation infrastructure
  • Extending and expanding the vital Fast Track workforce training program
  • Addressing the childcare crisis with innovative business-led solutions
  • Bolstering efforts to onshore high-tech manufacturing in Missouri
  • Encouraging Missouri-made business innovation
  • Keeping energy reliable and affordable

“I’m proud to say we moved Missouri forward during a very challenging 2022 Legislative Session. Right now, we are in a critical moment that will determine how well our state will thrive in the post-pandemic economy. The policies passed during the 2022 legislative session will allow us to continue to seize this historic opportunity for growth,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “Our progress this year did not come easily. Far too often, the Missouri Legislature was sidetracked by economically destructive proposals. The Missouri Chamber will always stand up against anti-business extremists at all levels of government, including making our voice heard in the upcoming elections. Even with these hurdles, we continue to make strong progress toward the goals of our Missouri 2030 strategic vision. As always, our work will remain focused on transforming Missouri into a global economic leader.”